“Protect Fukushima Kids” is a volunteer group in Hokkaido Japan since created in Jun 2011. Our main activity has been to support Fukushima children and their family’s evacuation to a place like northern island of Hokkaido from regions where mark high level of radiation. Our aim is to help children balance and improve their physical and mental health.

Histry of “Protect Fukushima Kids”

We hold recreation resort camps for FUKUSHIMA children and their mothers in the radiation safe areas of Hokkaido Japan. Since Jun 2011, we have accomplished 4 camps so far and as many as 200 members of families came over to join our stays in Hokkaido.

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“Protect Fukushima Kids” is a volunteer group aimed to work for the people who are suffering from East Japan Great Earthquake, and we support especially those who are under the high risks of radioactive affection occurred from Fukushima Daiichi accident.

Please stay reminded and keep your eyes on Fukushima Daiichi. And also give children a chance to evacuate.

Majority of Japanese people are gradually forgetting the impact of 3.11, but everything is not over yet.
After the Fukushima Daiichi accident, there are many issues left unsolved in Japan. Most importantly, to name the few, the sooner recovery of local agriculture and fishing industry, cleansing up the polluted lands and dealing with radioactive waste.

We strongly insist that to secure the rights of young children and pregnant mothers to evacuate from dangerous areas, Japanese political government or Tokyo electronic company should offer and share the most of financial aid to those who are highly sensitive of radioactive pollution.

Since the foundation of Protect Fukushima Kids in July 2011, we have already held 3 resort camps in Hokkaido and invited many kids and families from Fukushima. We will continue our further support for their shot-term stay or moving out, and also promoting evacuation of one whole city and its residents. Lets work together for change. Your donation on our activity is very welcomed and appreciated.

Fukushima Nuclear Accident Is Not Over!
Children’s Right To Evacuate !

The less is being reported on Fukushima Daiichi, the more people forgetting and losing concerns over its situation developing, as a matter of fact Fukushima nuclear disaster is not over. Not only local agriculture and fishery were stricken, but also many issues remain unresolved including decontamination of radioactive lands, disposal of toxic disposal and such.

While Japanese government has decided to make a huge amount of budget to decontaminate lands of Fukushima, it is responsible for the government to announce the order of evacuation to young children and pregnant mothers in prior to begin decontamination. Since they are sensitive and vulnerable to radioactive substances, we emphasize that the small kids and the expecting women need protection against and such right of evacuation should be legally ensured.


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